NAME: Niki/Spazz
AGE: 22
SPECIES: Feline/ demon hybrid
BIO: Spazz is a tracker for her clan. Her mate, Sparrow, designated her the lead runner for their raids. She is cunning, loyal, rambunctious and a total spazzoid. She is somewhat neurotic at times. She is bonded to her weapons specialist, Chuu. (more to come)

NAME: Chuu Cabbit
AGE: 23
BIO: Weapons Specialist for her group of hybrids, she is well known for carrying around a mallet and caving in her enemies skulls. In feral form she looks cute and cuddly but can cleave your face off with her metal claws. She is bonded with Spazz, and hates her mate along with most of the males that travel with them.

(Image to be Added later)
NAME: Greenlie
AGE: 19
SPECIES: Chinchilla Hybrid
ORIENTATION: Bisexual( Preference for Females)
BIO: Greenlie is the Combatives Expert and pilot for the group. She has a tomboy personality, Her feral form may be small but her skills with explosives and planting bombs makes her a effective addition to the group.

 (other characters to be added later)